Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rocky Patel at The Outlaw Cigar Co.

Today my wife and I, and our friend Hyperblogal, went to the The Outlaw Cigar Co. party featuring cigar-maker Rocky Patel. There I am above with the man himself! (Photo by Hyperblogal.)

The event was also a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project featuring a motorcycle ride from three different locations, all converging on The Outlaw Cigar Co.

Easily hundreds, possibly thousands of people turned out for the event and were treated to a 300lb roast pig, BBQ sausages, free beer (and other beverages) and snacks.

And of course, Rocky signed the pig!

Wonderful cigars, good people (even ran into some friends we hadn't seen in a while) and a GREAT cause!


  1. Definitely a good time. This lil newshound sure had a good time, despite the long lines for beer & "Q".
    A good cigar, good friends and a $2.00 can of Bud will pretty much overcome any heartache over the afore mentioned.

    Maybe they'll re-think the food arrangement for enxt year. Either way it was a darn fine day for this lil pooch!

  2. In all honesty: I love my Rocky P's. For me it is the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Junior. The taste and the draw is great and they are not that expensive. Really good to enjoy myself.