Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arturo Fuente
Gran Reserva Natural Sungrown

Although I was a regular cigar smoker many years ago, I am admittedly a novice once again. But novices buy cigars, too, right? So here goes . .

A. Fuente is the featured producer for the next Outlaw Cigar Co. Party April 25, so I figured a mid-level offering from Fuente would be a good baseline sample.

Contents: Dominican binder and filler
Wrapper: Natural Ecuadorian Sungrown
Size: Impereial Corona 6.5 x 46
Purchased From: Outlaw Cigar Co.
Price: $6.00
Smoke Time: 1.5 hours

Nice appearance, although the wrapper was a little course and veiny. Solidly packed and uniform. Encouraging, pungent scent. Cold draw was tight, but imparted sweet, aged tobacco flavors.

First Third
Smooth, creamy and mild. Voluminous smoke! Uneven burn developed. Ash fell off at one inch. No spiciness or identifiable flavor profile to speak of. Mild body.

Second Third
Started a bit bitter. Uneven burn persisted requiring a touch-up. One-inch ash length also persisted. Aroma is sweet and pungent, but flavor is still largely non-existant with only occasional hints of moist cardboard. By the end of this third the burn started to self-correct and a bit of spiciness began to come forward. The ash began to hang on longer. May have been a plug in the middle. Progressed to medium body.

Final Third
No surprises; still not much in terms of flavor, still voluminous smoke. Spice makes a retreat and bitterness increases. I find late in this third that the band was actually holding the wrapper together (not good).

A fairly uninteresting cigar. Mostly smooth, tons of smoke with nice aroma but certainly not twice as good as some sticks half the price.

Time for a beer.


  1. I'm smoking the rest of my Rocky Patel 1990 tonight.

    ...yes indeedy!

  2. Let me know what you think. I have a '90 sitting in the humidor right now.

  3. Not too bad really! Nice, mild, a little nutty, but overall a darn fine smoke!

    ...where's my nubby!