Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is this the face of a "Dangerous Building"??

According to news reports (begin skepticism now) this building, known to locals as "The Chateau" at Brooklyn and Minnie in the Pendleton Heights neighborhood of Northeast KCMO, was in grave danger of collapse. So THE CITY issued a demo order, and demo began yesterday. Reports said that the inner floors had fallen through leaving unsupported walls to hold up the roof.

I don't know. Do you see floors, inner walls and a staircase, or is it just me? Personally, I've been inside far worse.

And if this National-Register-listed building was SOO dangerous, why is it that only ONE worker is wearing a hardhat?

To see what this building looked like just before demolition started, visit Hyperblogal's Blog.


  1. This whole thing stinks. Thanks for helping with coverage of this travesty... we'll get the word out one way or another.

  2. On Monday (two days ago, only in the northwest corner had the second floor fallen through. Both staircases were completely in tact, including the railings (although some of the ballustrades had been removed and propped up against a side wall). Both newel posts were there, as were all of the doors. There were the occasional holes in the floor, but nothing irreplaceable. I'm amazed how the Disney building on East 31st Street can be gutted and have the four walls left standing for years while this irreplaceable home is demolished within one business day of it being labeled and posted as a "dangerous building". Shame on you, civic "leaders". Through his ignorance and selfishness, the owner has inflicted a permanent scar upon the neighborhood.

  3. It's sad that a house that obviously has support from the neighborhood should be torn down so quickly, when there are so many buildings that have been on the dangerous list for years.

  4. why don't you guys send this to Pitch, they might cover it.

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  6. I live within a couple blocks of this home. I am still in shock and still stunned by this. I can't imagine what prompted the city to find this building, let alone destroy it so quickly. And here I thought the city's demo budget was at $0.
    I have lived in the neighborhood for quite some time and marveled at the lovely and unique architecture of the area--one of the reasons we bought a house in Pendleton Heights. This structure obviously needed some attention, but as others have posted, there are hundreds of abandonded properties in this city that are in far worse shape than this one. I imagine someone in a position of authority is attempting to make a point.
    This is very sad and hurts the neighborhood and the city very much.

    Thanks for nothing, Kansas City. Now get back to debating whether a dress code is racist or not (it's not).