Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You can't save them all . .

I had the opportunity this morning to photograph another KCMOSD school building slated for demolition. Built in 1930-31, J.S. Chick Elementary was among thirty-something schools closed in a "right-sizing" plan by the School District a few years ago. Once eligible for sale and repurposing, it soon fell to vandalism and will now be torn down.

There isn't anything unusual about this these days, nor is there much of anything special about this particular building. It's just a little sad, and a pretty big waste of a well-built, solid building. But, you can't save them all.


  1. Thank you for these pics. I attended Chick from 85-90.

  2. Attended Sept 1962 thru May 1970. These bring back memories. Thanks.

  3. I use to go to that school in was good school to learn and have fun