Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So what's in Little Rock?

I told people I was going to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a job and the question I always got was, "So, what's in Little Rock?" Fair enough, I suppose.

Well last week, I found out for myself.

I took a trip with Rosin Preservation out to Little Rock to document the Albert Pike Hotel for a historic tax credit application. Pretty routine, except for one thing . . The hotel was spectacular!

Simple enough looking exterior, not unlike those found near the Plaza in KC.

Oh, but inside . .

There was also, well . . weirdness. But maybe I'll get into that another time. Let's just say that some people have different ideas about what constitutes house pets.

So what else is there in Little Rock?

The Clinton Library . .

. . and this nice old railroad bridge converted to a pedestrian walkway across the river to the Clinton Library.

Really nice old homes throughout the city . .

We had dinner and drinks at the Capitol Hotel Bar . .

All this within the constructs of a 1.5-day stay.

There's more, there always is. But hopefully we'll be going back in a few months to see what they've done with the hotel, and I'll post more then.