Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I lived here . .

A few years ago I had the opportunity to photograph my old apartment building for pending historic tax credit restoration work. It had been twenty or so years since I'd lived at Clyde Manor on the corner of Armour Rd. and Gilhman, so I was really interested to see what it looked like. Well, it hadn't changed much, just gotten a bit more run down.

Today I got to go back and shoot it after all the work has been completed. What a difference! The units, in general, are larger and everything is clean and fresh looking. Nice!

Here's the main lobby:


  1. Looks like Deck 41 on the Enterprise.... I like it though.

  2. Cool pics. Bet the rent is waaay different, too :-)
    Bunny's mom

  3. Wow! Is that what it looked like when you lived there? Fantastic shots, so colourful...