Monday, August 31, 2009

20 years ago . .

The Renaissance Festival starts again this weekend. If you were going to the Festival during the mid-80's you know who this is. For the rest of you, this is Lord Lionfire, the grand wizard of Ren-Fest. He wowed the crowds with his "magical" substances such as early gunpowder and ground metals tossed into a fire. And his show was historically accurate, too!

For a couple of years his was the most popular of the traveling acts. Then, like the burst of fire in his magic, he was gone. We never heard why or where he might have gone. You can't really look up "Lord Lionfire" in the phone book, so if anybody knows what happened to him, please, do tell.


  1. Gunpowder, ground metal, fire, long hair.... I can guess what happened to him.

  2. It seems he is alive, well and practicing in Cortez, CO:

    Ain't the internet grand ;-)

  3. Hmm. I like him better in costume. Look under Presenters & Musicians: